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Literally the only barely unblurry shot of my fuzz princess in the snow!

rocka-hillbilly asked:
What angora breeder do you live close to?

Hi! I live in North Carolina, and the only breeder that I am familiar with in this state is Carolina Ferrets. I have never personally dealt with them since I am more supportive of adopting rescue ferrets, but I’m sure they can answer any questions you have! 

Anonymous asked:
Are you and Farrah okay? :(

Hi! Yes, we are fine! I haven’t been around in so long. Not only did I take a break from tumblr, but my email attached to this account was hacked as well making it very difficult for me to retrieve my password. I’ll be posting more updates for Farrah tonight (:


I’m back! I had my email hacked after a huge hiatus with Farrah’s tumblr and finally got everything sorted out!

Farrah and I are doing amazing! She’s two years old now and is as happy and healthy as ever. I’ll post some pictures of my little fuzz princess shortly!

"Get that camera out mah face!" #farrah #ferret #cute #pets

Happy holidays from #Farrah, Jordan and I! #ferret #cute #petstagram #pets 😄🎄🎁

Hi, guys!
Just popping in to say that Farrah and I are still alive and doing fabulous!
I’ve been working a lot and don’t have much time for blogging anymore.

HOWEVER I’ll be updating this page a lot more!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Farrah & Shannon  

#Farrah’s innocent face, even though I caught her stealing the headphones 😑😁 #ferrets #cute #ferret #pets #animals


So this happened.